After having spent most of her life in a bikini, soaking up the sun and drifting in oceans around the world, owner and creative director Jasmin Brown was inspired to create swimwear that not only complemented her love of all things sand, surf and salt, but was designed to fit and feel comfortable all day.

A reflection of Jasmin’s beach-loving lifestyle and affinity for travel, Drift Swimwear’s signature fit is influenced by low-cut European pieces that grace the Greek coastline and much-loved cheeky cuts from the bikini-clad beaches of Brazil.

Drift’s debut collection is a range of luxurious basics in jewel-toned, metallic finishes, combining clean and simple lines with soft yet durable fabric. Designed in Australia and made with love in Bali using only the highest quality Italian Lycra ®, your swimwear will feel like a second skin that can take you from beach to bar and beyond.

To all the wanderlusters and sun worshippers whose days are full of adventure and nights are filled with vivid dreams of chasing that elusive endless summer: Drift is for you.

Every summer has a story. 
Discover your next story in 
Drift Swimwear. 

Size Guide
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